Would you like to make a thousands of dollars per month passively ?

Introducing a new Automation Trading System for amateur and professional trader. Fin888 copy trade is a Free Forex Trading Robot with Collaborated Trade System. Your wealth is our goal. Join, Copy the trades, and Let Fin888 Do Your Trade. By joining Fin888, we can enjoy our time and have a passive income !

FIN888 copy trade committed to provide clients with trustworthy Copy Trading System with the Combination of latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) to define the price pattern and executed by professional traders. As a result, it makes trading easier, very reliable, and profitable. Fin888 committed to provide our client with reliable and profitable trading system. Achieving steady and consistent income from trading industry and become a Billionaire !

Our Perfomance

1. 80% Profitability + Win pip : Lose pip = 3 : 1 , with average time transaction is 4 minutes.


2. 1% Drawdown with 10% Monthly Profit.


3. Stable Perfomance with Low Risk Trades.


Benefits For Our Investors

No floating transaction

Average transactions is 4 minutes.

1% Drawdown

Secure clients account to be fully protected.

Free and No Monthly Fees

Registration is free and no monthly fees. Profit sharing up to 75%.

Trusted Broker

Regulated St. Vincent, Asic & Registered Fintrac, Anti Money Policy. and NFA. Broker offcially traded in US OTC markets.

Client Money Protection

The clients’s money is held by the custodian bank.

STP / ECN Broker

Straight Through Processing Broker. Broker always passes the risk to Liquidity Provider.

No Maximum Withdraw

Investors can withdraw anytime and no Penalty

Risk Management

Only 10% Maximum capital loss. If this happen, Fin888 will stop all the trades and asking to each members if they wanna to continue the trade.

Live Trades

Clients can see the live trades. Transaction instantly copied to clients account.

Fast Deposit and Withdraw

Fast deposit and withdraw through Local Bank.


Register with easy steps and enjoy your daily profits ! Click the register icon below !

Follow These Easy Steps

1. Open Live Account

2. Fill All Information & Questionnaire

3. Choose Fin888 Account trading leverage 1 : 100

4. Vetting & Get Your MT4 Fin888 Account

5. Deposit to your Fin888 MT4 Account

6. Enjoy Your Trades and Enjoy Your Profit



The minimum deposit is $1000.

There are no cost either for admin and software, it’s completely free.

Below 10.000 USD, the net profit is 6 – 8% from the whole capital. Above 10.000 USD, the net profit is 8 – 10% from the whole capital.